Transport is the second biggest source of pollution (17%) in Australia. Sustainable transport can save you money, improve your health and reduce your environmental footprint.

Transport is the second largest sector of greenhouse gas emission in Australia (90 million tonnes of greenhouse gas measured in CO2-e or carbon dioxide equivalent) of which cars and other light vehicles make up more than half of that emissions. Average commuting distance in Perth is 30 Km which is equivalent to releasing 2 tonnes greenhouse gas per year! Switching from car to public transport to commute to work could save approximately $ 5500/year!

Urban traffic congestion is also a major impediment to productivity. Transperth can move 50,000 people an hour along one of its rail lines compared to a Kwinana or Mitchell freeway lane which can move only 2,500 people an hour.

Think about how much slower your rush hour crawl along the freeway to or from the city would be if it wasn’t for the many thousands of commuters on Transperth trains. A full bus load of passengers can take more than 50 cars off the road; and a full passenger train carrying 1000 people can take 800 cars off the road – equivalent to a 5km line of traffic.

Why Switch?

Did you know?

Peak hour city trips up to ten kilometres in length are generally faster by bike than any other form of transport, door to door. A five to ten kilometre ride will take about 15 to 30 minutes.
Reduce your transport footprint


Living closer to your work or school is a great benefit where active commuting is possible. Use of bikes, electric bikes or even a good walk to the place of work/school would help in the wellbeing of people and for the climate.


Use public transport such as buses or trains whenever you can. Active transport like this also helps you stay fit and healthy through the extra physical activity involved, reduces the number of vehicles on roads, not having to get stuck in your car in the traffic, as well as reduce your contribution to the total greenhouse gas emissions.


Organise to carpool for your daily commute to work. It can improve your social life and make for a productive use of your time. 


Let an electric vehicle be your next car and charge it through renewable energy.


Local governments and employers can support sustainable commuting.

Rewards for Residents

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More than 590,000 cyclists take to WA’s streets and paths every week and the RAC thinks that electric bikes (e-Bikes) may encourage even more cycling as they minimise distance and time constraints.

E-bikes can help you get around and stay fit without the costs and emissions of a car or the traffic congestion – and they are great fun! They are similar to a traditional bicycle with the addition of a battery pack and an electric motor that assists the rider’s efforts making cycling a more enjoyable and feasible option for those who:

  • commute long distances,
  • live in hilly areas,
  • can’t easily pedal a traditional bicycle or
  • enjoy tailwinds but not headwinds. 

Learn more about e-bikes and our RAC sponsored Switched On Bikes program in our free guide!

Other Ways to Switch

Learn about more ways you can switch your thinking and live a more sustainable lifestyle.