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Sustainable Homes

How does your choice of roof colour affect the temperature and comfort in and around your home?

Dark coloured roofs are, in general, absorbing more heat energy than light coloured roofs. But how much of this heat travels through your roof into ...
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Ten things you should be recycling…but not in your kerbside bin

They can’t go in your yellow-top bin but these items can still be recycled! Recycling reduces the need to extract and process raw materials, reducing ...
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Keep cool and compost

If you have a worm farm you may have noticed that your worms aren’t as hungry when the weather heats up. Here are our top ...
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Green driving tips

Planning a road trip for the school holidays? Below are some green driving tips that will save fuel and emissions. Happy holidays!
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Tips for a green Perth Christmas

Green your Christmas with our top tips
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Switched On Business

Cheese, wine and waste reduction

The Cheese Barrel and Olive Farm Wines have been recognised as a Switched on Business for their efforts in waste reduction.
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