Green cleaning with lemon

There is an abundance of lemons at the moment and thousands of ways to use them in the kitchen but have you tried cleaning with them?

Lemons make effective natural cleaners, being naturally acidic and antibacterial. Put your lemon scraps to use with our top five green cleaning tips with lemon:

  1. Wipe your cutting board down with half a lemon, and then rinse with water. The lemon will remove built up stains and odours.
  2. Place a quarter of a lemon and half a cup of water in a microwave proof bowl and microwave on high for 90 seconds. Remove the bowl and wipe down the microwave. The condensation from the lemon will help dislodge grime and leave your microwave lemon-y fresh.
  3. For an all-purpose cleaner, add one part vinegar to one part water and a squeeze of lemon juice. Pour into a spray bottle and use on kitchen counters, in the shower and bathroom basin.
  4. To give your clothes a natural lemon scent, put your lemon scraps in a zipped up lingerie bag and throw into the washing machine with your next load.
  5. Cut up a lemon and pop it in your kettle. Fill with water and boil. Let sit overnight then rinse it out, now your kettle will be clean, fresh and scale free.

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