Tips for a green Perth Christmas

David and Gabby Locke and the Entire Tech team receiving their Switched on Business Award from City of Armadale Mayor and Chairperson of the South East Regional Energy Group, Ruth Butterfield. They were joined by Cr Aaron Adams (City of Gosnells / SEREG delegate), City of Melville Business Development Advisor Stuart Tomlinson and Sustainability Engagement Officer Jess Sutherland. Photo credit: City of Melville. 

Green your Christmas with our top tips

Cut kitchen waste

Christmas is the perfect time to cut food waste in your home. Australians throw out $8 billion worth of food every year. That’s four million tonnes of edible food being sent to landfill, peaking in the festive season.

By swapping wasteful habits for a more sustainable approach to planning, shopping and eating our food, we can all play a part in bringing about significant environmental and greenhouse benefits.

Choose green gifts

Consider gifts with a lower environmental impact such as tickets to an event or experiences like a massage. If you are going to buy presents, try for locally made gifts, gifts made from recycled materials and gifts that don’t require batteries.

To make your gift list shorter, try this with the adults in your family:
Before the holiday season begins, put the names of all adult family members on separate slips of paper and put the slips in a hat. Take turns picking one name per adult – the name you pick is your gift recipient. Keep your chosen pick a secret to help maintain an element of surprise. Your gift list is now down to one! You can also try an online secret santa generator.

Green your Christmas with our top tips

  1. If you are thinking about a new Christmas tree, consider a potted native over a plastic pine tree and then just plant it in your garden when the season is over. Or there are many other environmentally friendly alternatives as well
  2. The holidays are a great time to get away. Make sure you are driving efficiently to save money and greenhouse emissions
  3. Review your Christmas lights. If you’ve had the same lights for decades, it may be time for an upgrade. There are lots of solar powered and LED alternatives now and only have them on when you can enjoy them (not when you’re asleep)
  4. Buy and prepare enough food for you and your guests – but don’t over-cater. If you do end up with lots of left-overs, take the time to store them well so you can enjoy them later
  5. Think creatively about the gifts you give. The holidays are a time to inspire the people around you with your waste wise actions. Use newspaper or your children’s artwork instead of store-bought gift wrap